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TRiQ is the leading cannabis supply chain solution provider for the emerging legal cannabis industry worldwide. We provide commercial marijuana growing technologies and support for each phase along the product life cycle to enhance our customers quality and efficiency.

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Improve cannabis growth operations, maximize yield, increase profitability

Are you a farmer interested in pursuing opportunities in commercial cannabis cultivation?

A dramatic sea change in society's attitudes toward marijuana is afoot. To date, 21 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use - others have decriminalized small amounts while two, Colorado and Washington, have fully legalized it for recreational use. These and other ongoing developments are opening the door to a multi-billiondollar medical marijuana industry and present tremendous opportunity for marijuana cultivation on a commercial level.

TRiQ medical marijuana growing software and services are pioneering this new industry by helping identify and address core challenges of cultivation and processing

Teaming up with one of the world's leading software providers for agriculture, TRiQ has been able to combine decades of medical cannabis cultivation with the world's best software for farmers. The result is a rapidly deployable, easily configurable system to help commercial cannabis farming operations address core industry challenges like traceability, cost monitoring & control, budgeting, resource, employee accountability and much more!

TRiQ is not a one-size fits all approach, but rather a customizable
solution for both marijuana cultivators and processors

Modules addressing core challenges

Each farm has its own unique challenges and priorities. Select only the "modules" needed to address your individual farm's challenges, or choose a comprehensive business-wide commercial medical marijuana management system:
• Harvest Management
• Budgeting
• Labeling
• Multi-Processing Facility Management
• Quality Control
…and much more

Flexible Hosting & Anytime Access

You can host TRiQ on your own server, or we can host it for you on a cloud-based server. Either way, access your data anytime, anywhere from a laptop or smartphone.

TRiQ can help you manage several large commercial cannabis farming operations whether you're on site or halfway around the world. Being able to access data in real time allows you to make quick decisions, and maximize yields and profitability from your operations.


We invite you to learn more about TRiQ cannabis cultivation solutions for both small and large farming enterprises. Take a look at our different commercial marijuana growing software suites, and learn more about how services can bring decades of experience in cannabis cultivation to your farm.

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