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TRiQ is the premier consulting service to support companies and their operators in all aspects of the legal cannabis industry. We have a combined industry experience of 25+ years between our principals Matthew Cohen and Matthew Hawes. If we can’t do it we will find you the solution you need from our network of independent contractors.

  • Supply Chain Consulting
    We take a whole systems view of your operation from your suppliers to the customer with a focus on “leaning” the processes to produce the lowest costs and highest quality. We will work with your team to develop strategies and tactics to increase your competitive edge.

  • Tissue Culturing
    In the world of tissue culture, it's all about quality. TRiQ's expert team of consultants built an extensive knowledge of cannabis plant metabolism and physiology, crop growth in the field, and processing of the harvested crops as the first licensed producer of medical cannabis in California. We can help your legal marijuana operation overcome its challenges to become a market leader.

  • Cultivation Consulting
    Our team has experience in all areas of cultivation including: Tissue Culture, Propagation, Lamp Grown, Sun Grown or Greenhouse Grown.

  • Processing Consulting
    Cannabis has been processed in various ways for centuries, but the attention to detail in quality and the minimization of processes has not been a focus until now. We can help you optimize your processing and packing to get the consistency and quality you need to stay with the changing market. Sun Grown requires a long shelf life due to seasonal production-we can help you develop a strategy to preserve the freshness for the entire year to maintain consistency.

  • Facility Design
    Because we are a whole system solution provider, we see the supply chain view, but also the small details of how each facility should follow in the same philosophy of operational excellence. We are aware of every wasted motion, the critical aspects of environmental conditions, security issues, staff safety and work flow planning.

  • Feasibility Consulting
    You may be thinking about entering the industry or a new aspect of it, we can help you in your initial stages to save you money by determining feasibility of the endeavor.

  • Process and Best Management Practices Consulting
    If you're up and running and want to streamline and standardize operations, we can partner with your team to reach your goals of operational excellence.

  • R&D Consulting
    Research and development is paramount to remaining innovative in your company and we can help you identify those research strategies, implement and track results.

  • General Training
    We can work with you and your team to identify needed areas of training, developing strategies and implementing training programs.


If you’re a cannabis growing facility, processing facility, or dispensary, put our extensive experience to work for you. We offer tailor made solutions to position you to be at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Feel free to browse around for more, or contact us today to discuss your individual needs.

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